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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Views: The virtues and wiles of hairloss

Just got my hair cut really short today. It's nothing new for me cos I been wearin the crew cut on and off since I was a toddler. In the latter years it was mainly to express the radical side of me. I would grow this beautiful thick crop of hair and suddenly...out of the blue...cut it all off. And it usually got the point across; that I'm not your average blue eyed baby boy.
But nowadays it seems that I have to get the crew cut. I've been loosing alot of hair lately, specially after the six months I spent in a software company under an AC going full blast with a big coat of hair gel all over my hair. I don't loose my 2 cents over it but it's a sad ending to what has been a great part of my (heavily underused of late) body...And it gives you this unusual feeling of being old. That's pretty bad. It could change your whole outlook on life. I'm saying this thinking along the lines that a person's person's perception of the outside world is partially based on his/her physical characteristics. I used to laugh at guys who fussed too much about their looks...now I know the reasons they had...
Just goes to show the extent of the uncertainty principle in Buddhism...

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