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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Phones: TequilaCat BookReader - Text Reader for Java Enabled Phones

Last night I was going through my mails and thought it would be wonderful if Opera Mini had a built in PDF viewer. Couldn't find a solution for reading online PDFs but came across one for reading e-books on any java enabled phone. The software is called TequilaCat BookReader. You install it in a (Windows) desktop and add any e-books that you want. The application will convert it to a .jar file and you can drop it into your phone and view it there. Also found out that one can install jars on the SE K700 by dropping it to the root. All this time I was trying to move .jars into folders and they always ended up in the "Others" folder. This thread has alot of info about how to use TequilaCat.

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