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Monday, October 30, 2006

Auto Hunt

I'm searching for a car these days. Something small and affordable, which means that I will have to settle for something which is about 10 years old. Sri Lanka's 200-300% taxing on vehichle has taken it's toll on the middle class workers. I'll most probably get a 1994 Corolla or a Lancer GLX.

Lanka Link classifieds
is a nice place to find old used cars but it has a really clumsy search and listing system which means that you will have to scroll down hundreds of adds before you get down to the latest ones. No sorting available.

Auto Lanka is another cool place to find used cars but it doesn't have as many listings as the previous one. Anyway it'll still be a few more months before I actually get down to buying a car. Hope prices would go down by then ( and pigs would fly...)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

First post from Windows Live Writer

Still going through training at MIT. I wasn't able to setup live writer the last time I downloaded it. Had to add the numeric id given to my blog page (i.e. "blogID=xxxxxxx"after you sign in) as the feed id.

We don't have any work just yet so most of our time is spent browsing the net or playing badminton in the gym. Kasun and Sagara who are two of the best players among us, got beaten by Sandani and Chathuri today.

Tomorrow's a poya day. There's a car wash organized by the Leo Club.