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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Code: J2ME Programming...The First Few Steps

A few months back, I did some J2ME coding for one of my projects. But I didn't really take off on the mobile programming front. The realization of the potential packed into new java enabled mobile devices has compelled me to take up programming for mobile devices, once again. Last time around I used the NetBeans IDE and wanted to try out something different this time around. Surprisingly, I found that neither Eclipse not IntelliJ IDEA had a solid j2me platform. Both implemented plugins which seemed to be outdated and under-developped. The NetBeans mobility pack, on the other hand, provides users with an easy to use interface and it's a breese to use it. And it's free (not like IDEA). So it's back to NetBeans. I also downloaded the Sony Ericsson SDK 2.2.3 for the Java(TM) ME Platform to make use of their native API.
Let's see how things go...

Download Eclipse Download the EclipseME plugin
Download NetBeans and NetBeans Mobility Pack

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