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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Life: E-Learning

Our CSE department has been one of the foremost educational institutes to adopt e-learning in Sri Lanka. We do our semester registrations online which saves alot of hassle and paperwork. All assignements are available in our online system called "LearnOrg" and we could submit our answers through that too.
This semester we had a nural networks course module and all the study materials were put down in two cd's and handed over to us. No lectures. We had to do a pretty hard assignment as part of the continuous assesment process and that was it.

The neural networks exam will be held on wednesday (21st) and all of us sitting infront of computers watching the lectures and reading the handouts.
But is this the way to go about adopting e-learning... by completely doing away with actual confrontation between students and the teacher? Somehow this doesn't give the same feel as having to sit through lectures and taking down notes and asking questions if one had any. And when the end of the semester arrives, you find that you haven't actually achieved much and you have alot to catch up on.
Maybe it's just me. I don't know. But I think e-learning should be an additional component of learning to reinforce the actual learning process. Not a replacement.

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