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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Software: Feed Reader 3...Disappointing

I'm a great fan of freeware and the open source movement (although I'm a part of it and my views are considerably oriented towards commercial software development) so it was a great disappointment to see that the free RSS reader, the aptly named FeedReader 3, did not perform at all well.

I usually don't read the documentation of any product unless it's pretty complex. So, with FeedReader, I set off to add feeds to it as soon as I got it. The first disappointment...the feed discovery process is extremely slow. It goes on for hours and then you get to select the type of the feed (Atom or RSS). Sometimes it crashes with an out of resources exception. I was trying to add one of my favourite feeds several times and finally, when it got added, I couldn't find a link to it anywhere. The posts from the feed were shown in unread posts but the feed itself was nowhere to be found. I'm sure there's a way to solve these issues but I couldn't be bothered, specially with the plethora of free RSS readers out there.

Wish I had seen this article sooner.

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