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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Millennium IT Launches MARC

MARC (Millennium All-Island Robot Competition) is a new project by MIT to promote IT among teh Sri Lankan community. The objective is simple...

In the year 2100, a spaceship orbiting the planet Mars is hit by an asteroid and is minutes away from destruction. The spaceship is a biological research lab containing valuable experimental data. You are the only crew-person on the ship and manage to reach an escape capsule. You notice a utility robot near by and decide to re-program it to collect experimental data packages scattered throughout the ship and return to the escape capsule before its battery runs out.

MARC - Millennium All-island Robot Challenge is a programming competition aimed at promoting the software industry among school children and university students. Competitors are expected to design an algorithm to navigate spaceship using the robot’s vision and implement the algorithm using an API available in all popular programming languages.
I'm going to try my hand at this in a while.

Project Assignment

Training has been going on for the past two months. We've finished writing the "Mini Trading System" and it's time for us to get in to the real world of software engineering. I got the news that I was assigned to "Millennium Street Access", the next major product to be released by Millennium IT, the other day. Still don't know which process I'll be working on but one thing's for sure... It's going to be a huge responsibilty. Maybe the biggest responsibility I've had to shoulder my whole life.