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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Software. Leisure: Instant Media... Free, Easy and GREAT!

I was wondering around freewarefiles and stumbled across this gem of an app. You can use InstantMedia to subscribe to your favourite podcasts (audio or video). I know there are hundreds of apps which does the same. So what's so great about this? It's got a huge list of inbuild podcasts which you can subscrbe to instantly on almost every concievable subject. It's bound save you hours of work trying to find podcasts which are just right for you. It has alot of additional features which add a nice touch, like the toolbar on the side of the screen.


  • Subscribe to your favorite channels. Hundreds available.
  • New shows will appear instantly.
  • Internet High Definition - iHD
  • Full Screen Video - Supports DVD and HD quality videos.
  • Music and Audio - Plays all video and audio formats.
  • Play Modes - Plays both full screen and small format videos.
  • Playback Independence - Play shows whenever and wherever you like.
  • I´M Toolbar - An optional sidebar which sits on your desktop allows you to instantly see when new shows arrive.
  • Play both QuickTime and Windows Media files via a single player. No more switching back and forth from player to player.
  • Supports .wmv, .mov, .m4v, .mp4, .m4a, .wma, .mp3 , avi, .mpg and many more formats.
  • Integrated Catalog - Integrated Catalog of videocasts (video blogs), audiocasts, and news feeds
  • Download Management - Automated background downloading of large media files. Manages network disconnects seamlessly.
  • Built-in media library. Organize all your media in one place.
  • Auto delete shows in a given channel by age, size, max number of shows. Auto-filter show selection by keyword match.
  • Create multiple playlists for your audio and video files.

Downlod: http://www.freewarefiles.com/program_6_212_21032.html
Product website:

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