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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Life: LKiNG Camp, IITC Research Papers and SLLG Leading Practices Symposium

Lighting the oil lamp representing fellows at the 2nd LKiNG Camp

Staying off bloging for a week has forced me to give a heading to this post which is by far the biggest so far.
I took part in the LKiNG camp held on the 24th and 25th which took up most of my weekend. It was pretty interesting. There wasn't alot of technical content because there were alot of participants who were at the novice level when it came to networking and internet technologies.
I met loads of interesting people. There were three guys from UCSC, Hasitha, Kasun and Priyanga.
Another undergraduate from University of Ruhuna was called Isuru Mudalige. I took an instant interest in the guy because he had my surname. I took some interesting pics. Hopefully I'll remember to bring them along next time I go home.
BTW mom had a cataract operation yesterday. Dad said there weren't any complications.
We have to hand in a research paper for the IITC conference by Friday. Most of the hard work is finished. Thank God the deadline was extended by two days. Otherwise most of us won't have been able to finish.
Got a new project yesterday. Working with the team assigned to the Sri Lanka Local Governance Leading Practices Symposium from our university. My amin job is to translate documents from Sinhala to English, a task made pretty difficult because of heavy usage of administrative terms in most of the documents.
There's alot of other stuff to be done for the RMV OSA, the Old Students' Association of my first school and regarding the CSE AGM.
Next few are going to be really hectic.

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