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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Phones: Sony Ericsson K700i Under 3" of Water

Phones have always given me a bad time. I've used four so far and two of them met their tragic ends when they (accidently) immersed themselves in salty water. That's right! not once but twice.

The first was a Trium Mars and it got soaked in sea water when a giant wave washed over us.

The Trium Mars

The second was a Motorola E360 and I fell into the Bolgoda river (on the edge of the University) while it was in my pocket. It convulsed and then went to a slow and painful death.
The Motorola E360

The next one, a Nokia 2100 was saved the plight because I sold it after using it for two months. As if to keep the tradition going, my latest phone fell into one of the draining systems in our hostel bathroom. Tadaaa! how happy I was...not. The phone was under 3" inches of soapy water (wish I could have taken a picture :)). While I was picking it up I was praying (to who ever might listen) not to distroy my baby. I turned it off as soon as it was out of the water but it turned itself on again. Classic signs shorts in the cirsuit due to conduction of water.
I took it apart and placed it infront of the fan to dry overnight. The next morning it was working fine. No overheating. No signs of corrosion. I'm as happy as a bee.
Good thing it fell into soapy water. If it had been salt water, it would have been "cyonara K700i"...

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