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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


RMV OSA stands for "Ranpokunagama Maha Vidyalaya Old Students' Association". RMV was my first school. It was called Ranpokunagama Primary School back then and we were the first batch to study there. So, it holds a special place in my life.

The school has expanded and now has Advanced Level Classes. But it doesn't have nearly enough resources. We formed the OSA in hope of doing our best to support the school but the administrative system of Sri Lanka gets in the way of this. We weren't able to notify the Divisional Education Office about our formation because the Director wasn't there when we went there yesterday. Once we hand over the documents, they will be processed and the organization will be approved (or rejected...I don't know).

We were planning on printing a sticker in order to raise funds for our future projects but it has been halted because the principal insisted that we had to have the consent of the OSA granted at a general meeting. But to hold a general meeting we have to get together 100 members. We only have 13 at the moment.
Hence, we have resorted to holding a raffel. The students would not get anything out of it initially (unlike in the sticker project).

We'll be having a meeting on Sunday and hopefully things will be resolved there.
Thilini has sent letters to all. Romesh and Anushka want to have a function where teachers and Old Students meet but I don't know how practical this is. Have to get Thilini to draft a sponsorship letter as well.

Have loads of translations to do and have to check whether I have a copy of the client monitoring proect that we did at Ramedian.

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