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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Life: Sri Lanka Local Governance Leading Practices Symposium; A Success

The ladies of the group...Biyanka, Rasini, Erangika, Iresha, Ayomi, Gayathri, Dinelka and Dinu

The registration team

The presentation team

The whole team

Mr. Haththotuwa(Haththa) Mota,Fonsa, Daham, Kamal, me, Demith and Lasiya

The guys of the team...once more

The guys of the team...again

The guys of the team

Awards Presentation

Leo Fonseka presentation

Behind the scenes...translations and preparation of presentations...Surani madam, Ira, Demith, Samanmalee, Iresha

Premjit, Ayomi, Biyanka

Day 2 Morning before registrations


Lasiya, Ayomi, Dinu and Erangika

Me and Kota

Lasiya, Rasini

The BMICH main hall

The Registration Team

Fonsa being funny

The SLLGLPS 2006 was a huge success. Apart from the problems we had in registrations on the first day, the rest of the proceedings went smoothly. Me, Atula, Lasiya, Rasini, Ayomi, Fathi, Erangika, Jumma, Demith, Dinu and Balla handled registrations while Kaputa, Kamal, Kota, Daham, Sameera, Muffaz, Mufthaz and a few others handled presentations. Chaminda was the one who designed the registration software. On the first day we got really late. We slept late because we stayed up till 3.30 in the morning and it was impossible to get up by 5.30. It was alost 9 o'clock when we got to the BMICH and most of the registration work was finished by then. We planned to put up cues for the next day so that people couldn't come up to us in groups. This worked well and there weren't as many registrants (on the first day there were close to 600 but the next day it was down to about 300). We also made a CD with all the presentations but couldn't distribute it among the participants. They said tehy were going to mail it later on. We have to collect our payments today. But event without any pay, it was a great experience and that's what counts at the end.

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