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Monday, May 22, 2006

Views: Premium Mobile Phone Stuff???

Do we actually need em. Get any decent phone suite and you'll get enough tools to create your own wallpapers and ringtones. I'm specially pissed off cos my carrier is charging HUGE amounts for stuff thats not worth it.
Recently I got two ringtones by Chinthy each for 30/= which is way too high. And it was only about 25% of the song. Come on!!! I could have ripped the song from the audio cd and created my own ringtone! (Hope that's not illegal..) I don't mind paying 30/= for a premium
RINGING tone cos frankly... I don't have a choice... but for a ringtone???
Next time you want a ringtone or wallpaper OR video (you have to mess around a bit to create your own vids but I guess no one really downloads them anyway)... see if you could create it first before gettin it from the carrier SPECIALLY if you live in Sri Lanka and using Dialog... OOPS! I said it!!!

Stuff at
Yahoo Mobile (not available in Sri Lanka)

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