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Friday, April 16, 2010

Gorillaz's Plastic Beach is great for putting babies to sleep

I'm in the habit of playing some music when ever I have to put my son (whose 9 months old)  to sleep, mainly because it cancels out most of the background noises which would otherwise catch the little guy's attention.
I try to keep track of the number of songs it takes till he goes in to a deep sleep which serves as a metric which could be used to select which one to play on different occasions.
In this regard, Plastic Beach works exceptionally well. I play it with no shuffle and my son falls asleep by about the third song (White Flag Ft. Kano, Bashy & The Lebanese National Orchestra for Oriental Arabic Music.. I love this track).
Other albums I've tried out, according to each ones sleep power :) :

1. Sade - Soldier of Love
2. 500 Days Of Summer (OST)
3. Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown
3. Bee Gees - Their Greatest Hits- The Record Disc 1
3. Timbaland - Presents Shock Value 2
3. Chris Brown - Graffiti
4. Katharine Mcphee - Unbroken
5. One Republic - Waking Up

"Soldier of Love" is the album to put babies to sleep. I usually play it when he's sleeping to help him relax and cancel external noises (like me bashing on the keyboard), and it works great.

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