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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Best Free Online E-Book Catalogs

There are several notable e-book catalogs which offer free e-books which belong to a wide array of categories, such as Novels, Poetry, Science, Fantasy etc. They are a great way to catch up on classics that you missed out and to discover fresh titles by self-publishing authors. 
I've given a list of these below.
(There are several more sites which would turn up on a Google search, but they are filled with ads and propaganda material and don't contain a lot of actual e-books)

The most famous service amongst the ones listed above would be Project Gutenburg. It was first of it's kind when it was first envisioned (and implemented) in 1971. It contains over 30000 free e-books, but it's not the most eye catching or user friendly site you'll ever see.

FeedBooks and ManyBooks might not have the same amount of content as Project Gutenburg, but they offer what it lacks in eye candy. The sites are intuitive and user friendly and you could search for titles by subject or author. You could also browse through the titles under various categories. I personally prefer to use ManyBooks over  FeedBooks but that's purely a personal choice since both these sites are similar in most aspects.

You could use FBReader to browse, download and read titles from these sites.

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