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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Burning Bootloader of an Arduino Uno with Another Arduino Uno

If you but a new ATMEGA 328P chip and plan to use it as a stand alone Arduino (with the proper wiring), you'll have to burn a boot loader on to it. This is easy if you have two Arduino boards. I'll outline how to achieve this using two Arduino Uno boards, since that's what I had at hand. I tried to get the boot loader on to the chip using an AVR JTAGICE MK2 but it didn't go well. This process is a bit of a hassle to set up but the actual burning process is very easy.

The main instructions for this are given here. Just follow them to the point and you could get a new bootloader on to your Uno in several minutes.

The only thing that I did differently to the above article, was to use the arduino IDE instead of using AVRDude. I'l give the steps for the complete process below:

1. Connect your two Arduinos according to the above schematic

2. Open the Arduino IDE. Select the correct COM port and set the board to Arduino Uno

3. Load the Arduino ISP sketch on to the programmer board. This sketch is located at [Arduino istallation folder]->Examples->ArduinoISP

4. In the IDE, select Tools->Burn Bootloader->w/ Arduino as ISP

This will begin the burning process. It'll take about a minute for writing to finish. After that, you could disconnect the two boards and use the newly programmed board as a stanalone Arduino Uno

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