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Monday, November 29, 2010

Best Wordpress Theme for Item Display with Images

I've been looking for a theme suitable for a store front which would give the following features:
  • Display Item with images
  • Small squarish area for each item, arranged in a grid
  • Minimalistic
  • No Sidebar (or easy to remove)

I tried a lot of the suggested themes under this topic and none of them seemed to suit me.
I finally settled on Kubrick On Crack. You can see the demo site here.

It wasn't prefect for the job since it only displayed excerpts from posts in the home page if they didn't have a tagged thumbnail image. And the featured post area was a bit of a nuisance because a post (item) had to be specially customized for it. I ended up modifying the index.php and style.css files and was able to come up with something which suited my taste (screen shot below).

It's not perfect yet since some of the item listings overflow the allocated area. I'll be tweaking this continuously and hopefully I'd be able to put up a post on how to do it.

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