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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Running Ubuntu in Full Screen mode in Windows XP with Virtual Box

After installing an Ubuntu guest in Windows XP, you might not be able to switch to high resolutions as they are not listed. Only 800x600 will be available.
You need to install the Linux guest additions to enable higher resolutions.
Press the Host key (Right Ctrl) + D.
This might not do anything. In that case you'll have to install the guest additions manually. Note that the Virtual box guest additions image is already mounted. If you go to "Devices->CD/DVD drives" you'd see a listing called "VBoxGuestAdditions.iso". This is the image containing the all guest additions.
Start your Ubuntu virtual machine. Open the "VBOXADDITONS_XXXX" drive and check the contents. This would also mount the drive if it isn't already mounted. Fire up a terminal. Go to the drive. Run "VBoxLinuxAdditions.run".
Restart the machine. You should now be able to switch resolution to high values.

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