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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Installing Shrew vpn client on Fedora 10

There are some dependencies which have to be addressed when trying to install Shrew vpn client on Fedora 10.

IMPORTANT: Try to obtain the latest beta version of shrew. The stable package requires an outdated version of QT (3.2) and it's hard to set up since it uses the config.h file which is not included in modern versions of the linux kernel.
  • yum -y install cmake
  • yum -y install openssl-devel
  • yum -y install flex
  • yum -y install bison
  • install QT dev package using package manager

After installing the shrew client, you could set up the connection to a Cisco VPN network by importing a valid .pcf file. This is preferred over manual set up since the user might not be aware of some of the connection details. If you connect to the VPN using windows, this file is automatically created and you could find it by doing a simple search.

You could use rdesktop as a Remote Desktop client along with shrew to access windows machines in the VPN.

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